The Econyl Project

The Econyl Project
Did you know that 640,000 tons of plastic waste is thrown into the oceans every year?

10% of those total wastes consist of empty fishnets called ghosts. These fishing nets injure and even kill millions of fish, birds and other aquatic creatures.
We wanted to change this situation with the Econyl Project to contribute towards a more sustainable future.
The products you will purchase from our Econyl collections are completely made of those recycled fishing nets.
We are proud to help make the world more liveable by taking part in this sustainable and environmentally friendly project.

Our New ECONYL Collection

If we want to have a healthy body; first the earth, we live on needs to be environmentally clean. For this reason, we try to launch our new collections more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This Econyl Recycling Project is an important step taken towards to turn our seas and oceans into more liveable conditions...


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